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Mura Grivova

Mura Grivova

IT Talent Sourcer

I am an adventurous and curious soul, with an open mindset toward life and new perspectives, and trying to be a better version of myself, each day. I am passionate about traveling and exploring the world and its nature, cultures, and different people. I feel peace, whenever I am surrounded by water, and whenever I take care of my house plants.

Since a young age, I knew I wanted to study Psychology, and learn all about human behavior, mind, and personality. On this path, I discovered my passion for People and after my Master’s Degree in HRM, I began my internship here at GT Global Talent, where I connect Talents and I keep on developing myself in the Recruitment field. I consider myself a creative, resourceful person with an analytical mindset, always enthusiastic about problem-solving activities and helping others. Could say I value equity and generosity, where I am a very empathic and caring individual.

I am happy that my first professional experience happened to be right here, at GT Global Talent. My journey so far has been nothing but positive. Working every day in a friendly atmosphere with cheerful teammates, who are beyond supportive and encouraging, and with managing partners who take great care of us as a team and as individuals.




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