5 Reasons Why You Should Never Accept a Counteroffer

Reasons for Never Accepting a CounterofferSo after weeks, even months, of long recruitment processes, applications, phone calls and interviews, you have been offered a great new job. You’re delighted. Straight away you hand in your letter of resignation, only to be met with counteroffer of a much higher salary to stay at your current company. Now what?
If this hasn’t happened to you before, it is something you need to be prepared for. We strongly advise all our candidates not to accept a counter offer, here is why:

5 reasons why you should never accept a counteroffer:
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8 questions to ask yourself before relocating for a job

8 questions to ask yourself before relocating for a job

Relocating abroad is becoming ever more attractive with the opportunities of international travel, new skills and experience. Whether you have decided yourself to start looking, or have been offered a job that requires relocation, it is not a decision to be made too hastily.

At GT Linkers, we are experts in international relocation as we cover positions worldwide and offer relocation advice to our candidates throughout the recruitment process.

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6 tips for a successful video interview

6 tips for a successful video interview gt linkers

“Companies are implementing video interviews more and more, and people are actually getting hired faster now” says the digital expert author of The Essential Digital Interview Handbook, Paul J. Bailo. “The key problem with video interviews though is that job seekers don’t know how to do them.”

Here are GT Linkers’ 6 top tips on how to have a successful video interview:


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