6 tips to get found on LinkedIn

gt linkers 6 tips to get found on linkedinAs expert recruiters, we know how important new technologies have become in the recruitment process. With more and more recruiters sourcing from social media pages such as LinkedIn, and more recently Facebook, you have to ensure that your profile is working for you!

Here are our 6 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile, align with the sourcing process and appear in relevant search results:

  1. Complete your profile

Firstly you should make sure you have correctly filled in every section of your profile – so you’re an “All Star” in LinkedIn terms.

  1. Keywords are the key

Think about the words recruiters and managers will be using to find their candidates like you. Without relevant keywords, you will not appear in their search results, so ensure your profile is full of them! Key words could be particular skills, position titles, companies, languages etc.

  1. Utilize your headline

Does your headline market your expertise and skills? Your headline is the description directly below your profile picture. They keywords you write in this section will directly affect your search result ranking. LinkedIn gives 120 characters, so use them wisely and create a headline that.

  1. Have full job descriptions

By not filling in your job descriptions you are missing out on the chance to include additional keywords, which will also give you more opportunities to be found in search results! Avoid using a slash symbol between key words, for example “sales/marketing” may not be recognized by search technologies.

  1. Organisation name

When entering your company name, if spelt correctly LinkedIn will recognise it and the logo will appear. This will also help you show up in more searches.

  1. Skills

Use all 50 skills slots! Think about which skills are relevant to the job you want and what recruiters might be searching to find you.


90% of recruiters and head hunters have recruited through LinkedIn, and this figure is growing. So give yourself the best chance to be found for your dream job!